2018 – November 5th

I should update those character bios, shouldn’t I? Hmm, I’ll get around to doing that.


2018 – November 4th

Huzzah! I’ve finished the entire buffer of comics! That’s right! I’m done them all! Which is good, because my other daily webcomic hasn’t been updated in 5 days. Sheesh. And I miss Stardew Valley too.

2018 – November 3rd

Oh! Woops, I didn’t have this schedule. Ha ha. Sorry. I do have almost all of them done, so they should go up in time.

Except for today.

2018 – November 2nd

Some of us need to do nano with a buddy! 😀 I know I have to have people I know who are doing it with me. 😀 Oh, I’m also going to be sharing these things to my instagram account.

2017 – November 15th


The 15th! We’re halfway there. Good grief. Thank you for answering my question yesterday! I think I’m going to try and put a poll on facebook about it, because the majority of the favourite seasons seem to be Jen, Rob, and Dave. I find it fascinating to see which years people like!

What does that mean for the future? Or should there be a future? These are thoughts I sometimes have, because NaNoToons have been around for a very long time.

2017 – November 13th

Hmm, I can’t remember if I’ve asked Kari to edit these. I hope so.

Edit: I DIDN’T ask her. Woops. Good thing she caught a mistake.

2017 – November 12


I didn’t finish any comics today, but I did finish a puzzle I needed to get done! Huzzah! One deadline complete!