2018 – November 13th

I may have been pantsing the comics.


2018 – November 12th

A friend of mine pointed out that the copyright date is wrong on my 2018 comics. Darn it.

2018 – November 11th

My internet is a bit slow. So I hit add new comic and it started spinning for a bit, so I opened a tab for Facebook which came up quickly. And then I forgot I was posting the comic and by the time I went to my last tab, I couldn’t remember if I posted already or not.

I’m getting old.

2018 – November 9th

Things may get a bit convoluted from here on out. Hang in there!

By the way, do you know Kari Maaren? She has her own webcomic and she’s a published author too. You should check out her comic!

2018 – November 8th

There’s a reason I named her Cordelia with red hair. Then I went to look it up to make sure I spelled it correctly. And then two chapters of reading later, I figured I should publish this before it goes past publishing time.

2018 – November 7th

I see a lot of people do book covers for people. I wonder how long it takes them to do? It takes me a long time to do, that’s for sure.