2017 – November 23rd


Btw, in case anyone was wondering, this was the deadline I had for the first half of November.


2017 – November 22nd


Fog machines are cool.


Oh, btw, my nano may stall. I just signed on for a new project.

2017 – November 21st


I didn’t get any writing done last night. I forgot three comics needed to be done for My Neighbor Errol. Good grief, how did I forget?

And then, I needed to rearrange the comics I did have for NaNoToons. So I inserted the above, (Kari didn’t get a chance to edit), and pushed other comics forward, and swapped other comics around. Hope it still makes sense. 😀

2017 – November 18th


I make so many references in these comics. I sometimes wonder if anyone gets half the things I say.

And yes, comics are always late on the weekend. I do this with my personal comic as well. It’s a little break for me.

2017 – November 17th


How is everyone doing? I hope you’re doing well! I’m doing awesome!

No words, written, but pretty awesome. My daughter is doing well. I think. She’s doing NaNo too. She’s behind, and I may not be helping