2016 – November 30th


This is it! Last day! Instead of panic like I’ve had in the last few years, today’s nanotoons is of quiet resolve.

You can do it!


2016 – November 29th


Two more days! Two more days until it’s done! I still hope to get mine finished, but it won’t be finished this month. I do have a deadline, though. I hope to use it for a conference I’m speaking at. So I need to get it done before then! ^_^

2016 – November 28th


I think Tala likes drama. 😀 I try to write comics where you don’t need to know the characters.

And then I fail.

2016 – November 26th


I just realized I need to edit some of the remaining last comics. I better do that today!

And I may or may not be doing an escape room today…

2016 – November 25th


By the way, I love my mom. I also know a lot of moms read this, and I am sure you aren’t like this at all.

My mom is. 😀