2016 – October 26th


The NaNoToons normally go out at 8am EST. It’s an hour late, sorry.

Although, I don’t know anyone who checks it directly at 8am.

I was chatting with Kari and we were talking about the hobby of reading webcomics. It makes total sense this is a thing, but I never really thought about it before. Even though I make webcomics, I don’t read a lot of them.

What about you? I have a poll! Huzzah! And also, if you do read webcomics, do you have favourites?


8 thoughts on “2016 – October 26th

  1. How many webcomics do I read in a day? Well, that’s a bit tricky to answer, since relatively few update every day. Some of the ones I read are on a weekly or even less regular schedule. I have about 25 in my bookmark folder that I check every day, of which I think about three update every day, three are 5 or six times a week, five are three times a week and the rest are weekly or irregular. But then on top of that I’m usually archive binging two or three to catch up… Can I just say lots?

  2. I haz a dum… I didn’t realize the picture you posted was the poll… O_o… anyway, yeah, I USED TO read about 10-15 webcomics on a daily basis, but then I realized what a time-suck that was becoming so I stopped. Now I check in every October with Nanotoons to get me in the mood for Nano. So… thanks!!!

    P.S. How is you knitting coming along? 🙂 ~Lithara on Ravelry.

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