2015 – November 20th


When I first did NaNo, I didn’t get a chance to socialize because I started very late and needed to focus on writing. Subsequent years, I made sure to attend as many events as I could!

And this year, not one event. *sigh* I hope I can at least make it to the final party! How about you? Do you make it to events?


13 thoughts on “2015 – November 20th

  1. Most of our events are write-ins, and I get to the ones in my area. We’re trying to do a couple all day write-ins though, and hopefully an over-nighter in the future. It’s difficult to get space for all the interested writers over-night. We managed it a couple years ago, but the location hasn’t wanted to do that again. 😦

  2. I’ve gone to the kick-off party the last few years. I only skipped this year’s because it was on the 1st, and I’d decided to try to write at least 25k that way.

    I made up for it though, by going to 2 write-ins this year, and plan to go to the last one in the same location. That’s really all my region does too. We’re not a very big region, and apparently aren’t even getting as much response at write-ins this year as past years.

  3. I’ve never been able to make it to an event for my region, but I’ve been able to make it to some of the write-ins that just happen to happen where I work. We had a few people the first one I went to, but I don’t think anyone but me was involved in the chats or in the website.

  4. This is year seven and I’ve never been to an event. When the kids are older I think it will be a bit easier to socialize more for NaNo. But a lot of our region members keep in touch year-round online, which is pretty awesome.

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  6. This is year 8 for me and I don’t think I would have kept it up for so many years without the write-ins and the close friends I’ve managed to get through them. That being said, the write-ins we’ve had this year have been pretty low in attendance numbers. I don’t know if it’s because the weather around here in November has been abysmal or if the new people are very shy. Probably a combination. Which is sad, since this group is as Douglas Adams described it: Mostly Harmless. πŸ˜€

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