2015 – “November 18th”


Shout out to all the writers out there who write by hand! I tried once. It was horrible. I neither have the patience nor the discipline.


16 thoughts on “2015 – “November 18th”

  1. My first attempt at NaNo was by hand because I didn’t have a portable device. I got about 18,000 words. The worst part was it was a duplication of effort. Everything has to be transferred electronically for verification. Granted, it allowed for on the fly revision, but ultimately it just took too long. I love writing by hand, but not for NaNo.

  2. My first two NaNos I wrote at least half by hand. Then when I transferred it into the computer, I’d end up writing more after it was all in, and would have to draw a line in the notebook to indicate a gap in text. Usually by the end of the month, I’d realize how much faster it was to type the original words, and would give up on the notebook. By 2012, my 3rd year, I’d given up on handwriting it at all, except when I was out of the house.

    I love writing by hand still, so I do that for free writing and such, but NaNo is all computer now. There’s no way I’d get the word counts I get lately if I still did it by hand.

  3. I have done some writing by hand, but never a whole novel. Sometimes when I’ve struggled with what to write, writing by hand can help the thoughts flow. But then there’s the need to type it up again, and I am just not that dedicated. I haven’t even considered trying it this year, but so far, I haven’t struggled with what to write. I’ve been very lucky. Either that, or I finally hit on a great story and outlined it well enough for once. Which also makes me very lucky!

  4. I’m going to say the most weirdest and probably ridiculous thing out there: “Hand-writers… They still exist?”
    I mean… I’ve tried it but… It’s really tedious. How do they validate the novel by the way?
    I’m very curious now. 😃

  5. Hooray!!! A hand writer! Oh, I love it. I’m thrilled. Poor girls needs to do some more arm stretches. Ice is also helpful. And if all else fails, just do what I do and live with a massage therapist. (And Mom wonders why I’m not in a rush to move out…?)

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