2015 – November 12th


It’s ML Appreciation day today!

At least, I hope it is. I hope the calendar I was looking at was correct.

I actually inserted this comic two nights ago because I forgot the exact date of ML Appreciation day. 🙂

It’s probably written somewhere on the website.

Who’s your ML? Are they awesome? Our ML is awesome! ^_^


15 thoughts on “2015 – November 12th

  1. I wish I had an ML to be appreciative toward. Well, technically I do, but I’ve never had anything to do with an ML, living in a remote area as I do. If anyone deserves to be thanked for keeping me inspired about Nano, it would have to be you. So thank you, for taking the time and trouble to do the Nanotoons, and creating all the writing songs and the Nano musical that you’ve done. That’s what helps me feel most connected to and excited about Nanowrimo.

    • Aw, that’s really sweet, Heidi! Thank you so much! I AM super happy I can help people with their NaNoWriMo time, and that I can help you feel connected!!

      • lol I have to admit that thumbs down gave me a bit of a start, before I saw your explanation. I was trying frantically to figure out how that offended someone! On the plus side, if you’d been able to change it, I wouldn’t have gotten a good laugh out of it this morning. 🙂

  2. Hahhh! Thank you for remembering! Wait, you’re sensitive to people’s boundaries? Or are you saying Tala is?

    My region was without an ML last year, but someone who is friends with the previous ML stepped in as an unofficial event planner. Then she became the official ML this year. She’s been great! She’s even crocheting stuffed octopi for people in our region who donate to NaNo.

    • That’s an awesome idea. If we didn’t have such a massive region, I’d think about implementing something like that. Maybe a simpler gift would work. But that’s still pretty cool.

      • She actually said that the first 10 people who sent her a message on the NaNo site, and had a halo as proof of donating, would get an octopus. We don’t have a huge region, but it still would have been too much for her to handle, I’m sure, if she’d left it open-ended.

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