2015 – November 7th


Yup! New characters. Heck, I haven’t updated the cast page from last year and I have new characters. Ah well.

Oh! And today is Double Up Donation Day! Huzzah! You can read all about it on their site!

I’ve also run out of a buffer of comics. I hope I’m productive tomorrow. I need to get as much writing as I can done, and also get as many nanotoons as I can done. Whoo boy. You know, one day, I should pass on the mantle of NaNoToons!


11 thoughts on “2015 – November 7th

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  2. Oh, I’m so excited for the new people! I am IN LOVE with their hair! Looks like this year is going to be fun and crazy for Mel, like all NaNoWriMos! 😀
    I love these comics every year, by the way! I always look forward to them and reward myself with the day’s comic after I reach my wordcount! ❤

  3. I am not sure I like Tala. Though I like her name. And hair. She’s probably one of those people who will end up making me like her though just because she likes everything so much…

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