2014 – November 3


Errol: This happened to me over the weekend. Had a hard time falling asleep on Friday night and I came up with the first few comics for NaNoToons. Did I remember them when I woke up? No. *sigh*

Anyway, you must forgive me for not responding to all of your comments. There aren’t even that many and I just haven’t had a chance to. It’s been a crazy weekend for me, trying to get caught up on stuff so hang in there. I read every one so thank you so much!


6 thoughts on “2014 – November 3

  1. This was how last night was going for me. I remembered what my characters were going to do, after I had made them do something else instead of getting stuck! Oh well, I don’t know which one was better though.

  2. That happened to me last night! I had an awesome idea but my notebook was lost and I was so tired and falling asleep in bed…

  3. I have a small Doctor Who notebook next to my bed. Before I had it, I kept scraps of paper there. I haven’t had much need for it lately, because I’m too tired to think clearly when I go to bed, but it’s still nice to know it’s there.

  4. Occasionally I get entire scenes as I’m falling asleep, and I want to write them down, but I’m just sooo tired! And they’re usually for a different novel than I’m working on, for some odd reason.

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