2013 – November #20


Errol: If all goes well, I will have written last night. How are you guys doing? I noticed a few people are already done! HUZZAH! ^_^


9 thoughts on “2013 – November #20

  1. Oh Jen……….she just doesn’t know how to handle this………and I’m trying to catch up on my word count!!! I am just under 11k by a few words and I plan on adding a couple thousand more words today!!!! I know I can do this because last year I did the impossible!!!! I managed to win even though I had 10,000+ words to write on the last day!!!!!! Wish me luck that I stop getting distracted by the internet though…..:/

  2. Loving the toons. I check them more regularly than I have been writing. Its weird, I have never been so far behind on my word count as I am this year, yet have never been so absolutely sure I would win.

  3. As long as there is writing getting done, a little snogging can be a good stress reliever. LOL

    I’m at around 46k. I hope to reach 50k this weekend. Then I should just have a bit more to do and the story will be finished.

  4. This has to be one of the funniest NaNoToons yet. XD Love the drama! 🙂

    I’m at about 52k at the moment, but the story is far from finished! I think it’ll probably stretch to about 75k, so I’m hoping to get there before the month is over. 🙂

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