2013 – November #15


Errol: What can I say? I have a thing for musicals.

Vic: I sent today’s NaNoToon to my boyfriend-person (who is a bit of a Les Mis fanatic) with the words, “You will enjoy this. Or perish.” Wisely, he enjoyed it.

Oh yes, Rick and Val are back with another ML Update.


12 thoughts on “2013 – November #15

  1. Yay for Rob! And Jen seriously should not ask if she can’t handle it. He’s doing great, and she shouldn’t stifle it. Well, maybe they could gloat elsewhere. But when you’re doing well, it can be hard to keep it to yourself.

    (I made it to 50,000 last night!)

  2. I love Rob. I also love Rob’s wordcount. If I stopped at exactly 24,601 words…I would be really tempted to not write another word and just enjoy the Les Mis bliss for all eternity.

  3. Jen’s expression in box 3. Had me in stitches. Stitches I tell you! My family thought I was insane. Alas, I am just a WriMo (possibly the same thing…)

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