2013 – November #3


Errol: Wow, sorry about yesterday! I thought I had scheduled the comic but it was still in draft mode! Oh well! And I have words written in my novel! Huzzah! ^_^ I am, however, getting low on how many comics are completed! Here’s hoping your Sunday is productive!


9 thoughts on “2013 – November #3

  1. I sat down at my computer this afternoon, remembering that there would be no D&E comic today, and a bit disappointed. Then I scrolled through my FB feed, and there was NaNoToons! I get at least one comic today, so yay!

    I bet we’ll find out halfway through the month that Rob has been done for a while. I bet he’s fooling everyone. He probably found his drive and motivation this year, and a muse (though hopefully not that Elmer one…ugh) and is speeding through his word count.

  2. Using NaNoToons as motivation for my noveling. thus far it was worked wonders, my internal cheering something along the following: You can’t quit now! Reach your goal! I don’t care if you can make it up later, do not lower your goal and keep typing! For Rob, and for Chips! *battle cries her way through typing*

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