2013 – October Prologue #7


Errol: I added Vix as someone who can blurb on these comics, so I figured I should start colour coding myself again! ^_^

Oh, someone noticed that Rob’s hat changed from the plaid colour to the straight red colour back in… I dunno, 2011? The colour of Rob’s hat was a pattern that Debbie Ohi had. And I didn’t have that pattern so it was difficult for me to fill it in. I think 2011 I did all the NaNoToons so I just changed the hat. This sounds like a story where I just get lazier and lazier with each year, but no! I added October cartoons to the mix! ^_^


9 thoughts on “2013 – October Prologue #7

  1. I feel like such a hypocrite. I was told by my parents last night that I can’t do NaNo this year because they’re worried it will interfere with school. Apparently my grades are more important than the thing I eventually want to earn money from. -headdesk-
    Anyways, I promised them I wouldn’t do NaNo so long’s I’m still allowed to write in my free time of my own accord, which I am. So I’m still writing in November, I just won’t be aiming for 50k.
    No, I’m not crying. Why would I cry about ONE OF THE ONLY THINGS I GET SUPER-DUPER EXCITED ABOUT EVERY YEAR?!?! -sobsnifflecry-

  2. What is this?! Is Jen actually not hyperventilating? And Dave is? What could have caused this inexplicable character transformation?!

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