2012 – November #9

Errol: That’s a question I ask myself sometimes, “Why am I not writing?”


16 thoughts on “2012 – November #9

  1. LOL. I wonder what is Victoria’s wordcount… She’s not writing. She’s… Dare I say it (because it’s November) Sosializing. You can’t sosialize then. You should be writing! More words! I wonder why I’m not writing… Oh well. Curse you Errol! It’s totally your fault! And greetings from Finland!

    • I agree. I am writing less than I should because I am spending too much time watching musicals, reading comments and finding random YouTube videos where Star Wars awesomeness as been sung about using the melodies of some of my favorite 80’s songs. Perhaps I will just have to eventually match the Errol craziness by spending my last day pounding out 50,000 in a 24 hour marathon. That would be awesome!

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