2012 – October Prologue #9


Errol: Rob has unbridled passion for a lot of things. And yet that doesn’t translate into finishing NaNoWriMo. Poor guy. However, there is hopefully ONE or more people that made you feel welcome to Nano. Care to tell us? 😀


16 thoughts on “2012 – October Prologue #9

  1. The amazing community of NaNoWriMo made me feel welcome! 😀 I’ve made some really good friends through the forums–it’s great! (Btw, I love these comics ^.^)

  2. Last year was my first foray out into the social world of NaNo, and my local ML not only made me feel welcome, but he actually helped me improve my novel’s ending! 🙂 I’m hoping to attend many more this November, too.

  3. Pretty much everyone I talked to in my region really made me feel welcome for my first NaNo last year, but I’ve gotta give a special shout-out to the MLs. Before I even went to the kick-off event, they were nice enough to make me think it would be worth the hour-long drive each way–which it totally was for every weekend of November. I never won a word war because I was hand-writing my novel, and then typing it up at the end of the day for word-count purposes, but when I did unusually well in a word war they gave me a prize anyway. The best, though, was at the TGIO party, when one of the MLs told me she’d been watching my word count on the last day (when I pulled 10,000 words out of my hat) and hoping I was typing straight into the computer so that I could win. It was so great to know that someone I’d just met a month ago was cheering me on!

  4. “Hey Rob, I need you.” “Of course you do. I’m awesome!”
    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry dude, but that was hilarious! Absolutely perfect response! 🙂 I love these comics, I’m so glad they’re back!

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